Experienced Discrimination Lawyer

Joette S. Doran & Associates, P.C. defends and prosecutes employment discrimination claims in state and federal administrative agencies and courts including the following matters:

• Title VII Claims (Race, Religion, National Origin, Sex, Hostile Work Environment and Retaliation)

• Sexual Harassement

• Age Discrimination in Employment Act

• Americans With Disabilities Act

• Pregnancy Discrimination Act

• Family and Medical Leave Act

• Whistleblower Act-State and Federal

• Illinois Human Rights Act

Versatile Trial and Negotiation Lawyer

At the outset, each matter is meticulously analyzed and a determination is made to regarding the best strategy to proceed forward whether by negotiation of  a settlement or litigation. The practice has the versatility to aggressively fight for each clients’ interests in a trial or at the negotiating table.  Regardless of the course of action,  considerable trial experience and rich history of successfully handling many types discrimination claims provide clients with the security of knowing the matter is being handled by a seasoned professional.